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Re: Space Art in "Is There In Truth No Beauty?"

ZapBrannigan wrote: View Post
I always thought it was odd that the paintings were composed as narrow vertical frames instead of being "widescreen." If the same canvas shape was oriented the wide way instead of the tall way, a more natural vision could be presented.
Well, I think that was more John Dwyer's call more than Mike Minor's.

Mike Minor actully did compose many of the paintings in a landscape orientation and not a portrait orientation. It would appear that set decorator John Dwyer was then responsible for "stacking" the paintings in columns. Here are two on top of one another--a set from Kirk's quarters:

(The two paintings themselves are actually in landscape orientation.)

Orienting them the "wide way" instead of the "tall way" would indeed be a more natural vision. Having done some set decorating on the Enterprise, I can tell you that trying to show a futuristic and exotic 23rd century starship that is different from the 20th century--but not too different--might be the exact reason why the more "natural" way of displaying the paintings wasn't employed.
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