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Re: Jadzia Dax Appreciation

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I really like her interactions with all the cast. While Jadzia was certainly a very chilled out, enlightened character she was never smug about it like some TNG characters and always sought to enrich the lives of those around her.
Well...I'd disagree on the "smug" thing. One of her defining traits was her wisecracks at the expense of the world around her.

Still--Terry is indeed a good actress. I mean--heck, TPTB at Becker must have seen something in her, to invite her on as a regular!

I actually really like Ezri so I dunno if I'd have kept Jadzia on for S7 but she definitely deserved a better death than by the hand of some random pah-wraith. I do think there is something to be said about giving characters pointless deaths as most people in real life die pointless deaths with no greater significance or sacrifice, but I wish she'd had a more interesting exit. The character was awesome and deserved a lot more.
I agree. She and others regarded herself a warrior, she deserved to go out like one, dying to save lives, that sort of thing. And to add to that--are we to believe Worf never expressed any feelings of vengeance against Dukat?

To be honest--I'd say who you like or don't regarding the two Dax's of DS9 is akin to whether you prefer Diane or Rebecca (Cheers). I and many others will take Diane any day--but I understand fans of Rebecca. I don't care for Rebecca, personally--but I understand those who do. It's just a matter of what kind of woman strikes your fancy.

(TBH...before Rebecca's "breakdowns" and gold-digging, she strikes me as kinda like Jadzia, personality-wise. I don't know. I certainly see some of Ezri in Diane--some....)
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