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Re: Inner Light and other alternate reality episodes

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Sorry. I just don't see it. He was able to raise his daughter to be a scientist and was able to use the leadership skills he'd developed in the real world as a part of that community.

Sure, he didn't have the choice to leave, but that's a far cry from saying he had no choice whatsoever. He had a huge amount of choice. He was not just playing a prepared script. The fact that the first thing he does is call for the holodeck program to end is proof of that.
I agree, but it's also true that the condition had perimeters within which he could not escape. He had free will to carve out whatever existence he chose on that planet, but within confines that's purpose was to force him to become invested in a life there, & then witness the buildup to its demise, such that he'd value their existence with more than just a bystander's perspective. With all that time & his knowledge, he probably could have built a method to move a vast portion of the populace off the planet in time, but that's not the point of the program

It is a program & he had to exist within its confines, even as liberal as they were in allowing him to actively contribute to his state
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