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Re: TNG Caption This! 308: The day LeadHead broke the server

Worf: It says here that Commander William Riker did not click on any Facebook affiliate links this year and all deleted photos from the past twenty years are being auto-reposted.

Riker: Fucking Zuckerborg.

Worf: Nice rainbow suspenders. I did not know you had a Mork from Ork phase.

Captain's log supplemental: Next time add a plumber to the crew who isn't descended from cultures with time-and-a-half holidays every day of the year.

Picard: Watch out for snakes.

Lieutenant Snark: Sexually harass much Umax Boy?
Lieutenant Rack: I swear, sometimes it's like he doesn't even watch interstellar porn.

Picard: Is it brain freeze?
Troi: Yes. It is brain freeze. From my invisible chocolate sundae.
Picard: Perhaps you should slow down.
Troi: Idiot.

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