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Re: College: Gender Studies

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Deranged Nasat, I have read your posts with interest in the past. They have always been well reasoned and well thought out. I have liked the persona you presented in the past. With this one thread you have totally destroyed all of the respect and good will I used to have for you. This is very, very sad.
I'm afraid that's pretty much how I see it, too. The complete lack of perspective and the incredibly warped view on reality is shocking. It's like the people who look into conspiracy theories, get lost in them and then completely lose their sense of reality.
Or people who have serious issues, feel terrible and then start hating and blaming others to feel better. It's sad.

And if they're too far gone it doesn't matter what you tell them. Telling them they're wrong will just reinforce their weird views because they believe in some crazy "mainstream indoctrination" nonsense.
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