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Re: College: Gender Studies

To the OP:

This degree will help you immensely if you plan to pursue psychology or social work. Other than that I have to agree with this:

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I agree with a couple of previous posters who have stated that if you are in school to gain knowledge and pursue your interests, then yes, the program will be useful to you and you will probably have a great time. If your main goal is to graduate with a job lined up, it probably won't be such a great idea. This is the sort of degree that would work great as a stepping stone into graduate school in the social sciences though. There is definitely a chance that your future career will make use of this degree, but you will need to have clear goals in mind and probably do some extra schooling before you get there. For example I am in a library science graduate program at the moment, and I've met a few classmates who specifically want to focus on working at libraries or archives within women's organizations or GLBTIQ organizations. An undergraduate degree in gender studies would likely be of much benefit to them in applying for those jobs.
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