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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

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Let's look at the facts here:

2) For the past eight seasons, with one exception, it's become tradition for the reigning Super Bowl champions to open the season, at home, on Thursday Night Football. Moving the game to Wednesday or Friday is not an option.
Uh, sure it is? As you yourself said, it's only been 'tradition' for 8 years, and they only even followed through with it on 7 of those 8 years. What's 7 out of 9 going to hurt? Not like people won't watch because it's not Thursday night, their bottom line won't be hurt an iota by doing it Wednesday instead.

It's just NFL trying to flex muscles and bump MLB at this point.

Ravens should just be dicks and tell their fans to get there super early to celebrate, and jam the parking lot so the O's can't park there anyway. Then there will be 5k people in there instead of 10k as they play a suck game in September. If the O's aren't 30 games out by then...
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