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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

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There is absolutely no regulation whatsoever barring the moving of a night game to an afternoon game, even if they played the night before
But both teams are coming off of road trips on that night before. IIRC, there is a regulation which states that a team can't be made to play an afternoon game right after an away evening game, if the distance travelled is above a certain amount (which in this case it would be). Would you expect the O's to be at the top of their game after making that trip? Especially if the previous night's game is delayed?
That's baseball for you. And, as I said, highly unlikely to matter, given that the O's are likely to fall back to Earth hard next year.

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Steve Bisciotti, the Ravens' owner, has even promised to cover any revenues lost
For both the O's and the White Sox? How right neighborly of him.
I love how you only wander into the NFL thread if a baseball team is involved.

Let's look at the facts here:

1) It is quite literally impossible for games at M&T Bank Stadium and Camden Yards to be played at the same time.
2) For the past eight seasons, with one exception, it's become tradition for the reigning Super Bowl champions to open the season, at home, on Thursday Night Football. Moving the game to Wednesday or Friday is not an option.
3) The Ravens have offered to step up and cover potential lost revenues. And you really don't quite "get" how broadcast revenues are paid out, in that they're handled on a contractual basis. The teams don't make different amounts of money per individual game.

Given these facts, why are the Ravens the bad guys for wanting to open their championship defense in accordance with tradition, in turn mildly inconveniencing one baseball game out of 162?
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