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Re: Brannon Braga on DS9

I saw the interview. It's worth watching.

You can believe what he says or not. But I agree with some of his statements... they should have held off on VOY, let DS9 run on its own. I guess the suits wanted VOY so they could launch UPN.

And some of the other stuff, having ENT wait for a season on Earth leading up to the starship launch.

Those ideas would have helped, but TPTB have the money and call the shots, I suppose.

I still think, for all its problems, VOY would have been better off if they tried to do something different.

DS9 changed up just about every single thing in a ST series that had come before. VOY could have similarly been different with their stated premise, but instead opted for a more familiar TNG Jr., with eps that could have easily been in that series rather than unique to VOY. That could still lead to good eps, but eh.
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