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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

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Why should the O's be the ones who have to move? Both they and the White Sox play night games, away, the night before. You can't make them move the very next game to the afternoon. (I believe that actually is a regulation, but please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.) Besides both teams will take a financial hit from lost broadcast revenues if they move.
There is absolutely no regulation whatsoever barring the moving of a night game to an afternoon game, even if they played the night before, especially since this would be in September, when the Orioles are likely to be sucking tailpipe.

This is Peter Angelos being a dick, plain and simple (par for the course with him, really), because he knows it's literally impossible for the games to be played at the same time. Steve Bisciotti, the Ravens' owner, has even promised to cover any revenues lost by moving the baseball game to the afternoon, but he isn't getting any traction because, well, Angelos is being Angelos.

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Brian Urlacher and the Bears part ways.

I have to admit I didn't see that one coming. I figured he'd sign for $2.5 or $3m to end his career as a Bear. The guy's lost more than a step or two so I can't see him getting premium money at this point in his career.
Apparently the Bears' final offer was one year, $2 million, take it or leave it. Urlacher was hoping for at least an option for a second year.
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