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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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You are missing the point. It's not the humans in the FUTURE are stupid/evil/don't care, it's that humans in the PRESENT are stupid/evil/don't care and maybe should pay attention to how they are being manipulated NOW.

Science Fiction isn't always about the people of the future, it's a way of talking about the present.

Thats my biggest objection. I'm watching a show about a space station in the future, I don't need to watch commentary about the present, especially if its done badly. The media is not a topic that you talk about like this anyway. You can do religion, racism, and a lot of other bad/controversial social stuff and make a good sci fi show, too.
Why not? Why are some things ok to talk about, but not media? Putting aside whether or not B5 is doing it well, why shouldn't Sci Fi take on media?
Because its boring (I'll admit thats a personal opinion, but since its a thread about me watching stuff, I think its valid) and it usually devolves into basically just the writer ranting on stuff he doesn't like. There is that danger in any topic they try to do the modern comparison with, but in this case its really bad. Its taking up a lot of time and adding nothing to the plot. Most of my objections are from the perspective of a viewer. Doing something like this with the media could be ok (it could never be really good or anything, but it can be watchable) but it needs to be done well and not just become a parody (as long as the show in question isn't a comedy, and B5 isn't). The ISN is a cartoon news agency at this point. It seems like a writer trying to say "Oooh, look, the media is evil and people believe it all" in the most unsubtle way possible.

Bottom line: The Propaganda stuff has gone on too long, taken up too much screentime when it is mentioned, hasn't been entertaining (its been down right painful), and could have been summed up in a few lines of dialog in one episode and had the same effect on the plot.

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The parasite on Mars was interesting.
Does it remind you of something else we've seen?
The regent on the centauri homeworld, and propably the idiotic Londo spoiler from awhile ago.
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