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Burk in Australia - STID "more accessable than the last one"

Some interesting quotes from an interview around the Sydney IMAX screening of 30 minutes of footage:

"There are those who like Star Trek and those who think people who like Star Trek are insane," he says. "I was one of them... So it was important for us to make a film that allowed people who had never seen Star Trek to jump in."

"The last film was more about bringing back 40 years of Star Trek fans - some had been there all along, some who had come and gone - and saying "OK everybody, we're all going to get on the same boat and hopefully you guys will be speaking to us,'" Burk says.

"This film I feel like, because it was embraced by those Star Trek fans, allows us to keep making it for them obviously but now open it up for everybody else. We've now cleared the runway. This one is more accessible than the last one.
"It's one of those films that people who've avidly avoided Star Trek will be pleasantly surprised that this isn't what they were expecting."

"You realise that when people think science fiction they think of things that are too dense to understand and are dismissed. Or too wordy or too talky. That's why I had the perception that the ultimate version of science fiction is Star Trek.

"Of all these projects that I'm mentioning, the least science fiction is Star Trek. Star Trek isn't science fiction at all. It's science fact. It's our future."

I suppose it's logical that it would be more accessable in a sense, as it can focus more on the plot and characters than having to spend a chunk of the film setting things up.
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