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Re: Convention Circuit - Most Favorite Person You've Met?

I posted a lot in the other thread, so I'll just say that I've met many, many actors over the years of attending conventions. Almost all have been at least decent. Many have been very good. And a few have been truly exceptional:

Marina Sirtis: probably my favorite. She is so different than her character. Sirtis is loud, obnoxious, opinionated, and brutally honest. I had a great talk with her one time about Stuart Baird and the directing on Nemesis. She did not hold back! And, she looks great for ....57 years old! I couldn't believe that.

George Takei: we met him and Brad in San Francisco. They were a real delight. George clearly loves the fans, the attention, etc. Very gregarious, funny, and engaging.

Kate Mulgrew: she is one of those people that just exude energy. You can feel it radiating off of her. She is a star! Great with the fans. A big hugger. It was a real thrill for me to meet her.

Gates McFadden: she will always have a place in my heart after her encounter with my daughter many years ago. I've told that story so many times I won't bore you with it again. Suffice to say, she'll always be on my list of favorites.

Nana Visitor: another one who is nothing like her character. She is a total space cadet! Hilarious, sort of lost in space all the time. Very charming and genuine. Told her Creation escort to "get lost" and sat down to breakfast with us. Truly a charming, lovely woman.
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