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Re: College: Gender Studies

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Anyway, what are your opinions of the usefulness of a degree in Gender Studies, career-wise? I've been told many things, namely that it's useless, I'm gay, (two guys and thirty girls in the lectures) a misandrist, etc etc, but I've never before been in a room with so many like-minded people in my life, it's liberating.
Good for you, really. I think this is a field that can be very stimulating intellectually because it challenges common assumptions about societal roles most of us have grown up with. There's also some bullshit and nonsense but that's the case with every academic field. The most important thing to learn in academics is to be discerning and determining the merit of any theory or argument you're being presented with.

As others have said it's never wrong to learn new things and personally, I'm very much in favour of pursueing academic studies for their own merit and not neccessarily as a career thing.
I suspect a degree in Gender Studies isn't that useful in that regard but others have made good points about how you might be able to make it useful. It's certainly possible to carve out a niche for your set of qualifications.
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