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Re: Best Audio Book?

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Oh, and Lungbarrow is impossible to get ahold of, are there any Audios that advance Cartmel's Master Plan, by any chance? It's really a bummer Doctor Who was cancelled in Season 26 when that Arc had just started to bubble and never got the chance to come to fruition, I would've liked to see it all play out.
Big Finish produced the "lost stories" of Season 27 with Andrew Cartmel script-editing, but they're awful. Seriously, they're nearly complete crap. If Season 27 had been like that, we were better off with the cancellation, but I can't believe that the real Season 27 would have been anything like that one. All sense of character is lost, the stories are bloated and meandering instead of tight and incomprehensible, and they just retread old ideas, and there's not even a hint of the bigger, more mythic Doctor we saw in Seasons 25-26.

Beth Chalmers is pretty good as new companion Raine, though.
Yea, if it's notforwrding "Cartmel's Master plan", then, yea, I'm no all that interested, especially, if as you say, they aren't that great. Thanks (I've got enough Audios to catch up on, what with the Six/Evelyn stories, the Charlie/Eight stories for a start, and so many other categories)
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