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Re: Commodore Wesley confuses me

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Commodore Wesley confuses me

He confuses me too...he goes from a redshirt likely to die soon to a gold shirt in command of the Lexington just by changing his name.

That's a huge upgrade.

But really, his line, "What is kirk doing?" is just terrible.

It clearly should have been....

"Full phasers?--somethings gone wrong over there!!"

By saying Kirk's name as he did it implies Kirk is at fault and that's bad writing.

You can say he knew M-5 was malfunctioning and was wondering why Kirk hasn't stopped it, but that's just making up for the bad writing.

Unless he is a nut or has a pathological hatred for Kirk--he just wouldn't have phrased it that way.
I don't really think he does like Kirk, why call him dunsel?

Plus, I think that what many posters have mentioned, a captain is in charge and responsible and that's what he concludes, instantly, just after his unshielded ship is struck by full power weapons. I really don't think he's considering very much beside he just had something terrible happen and if this wasn't 60s network television his choice of words would have a been a bit more explicit. I don't think it's bad writing, it's the reaction of the character.
Why not blame Kirk, it's his ship.
I'm not buying that either. Maybe it was thoughless to call Kirk that, but Wesley knew if M-5 worked flawlessly--a LOT of people were out of a job. So the dunsel comment was kind of a rueful way of saying "we're all obsolete."

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