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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

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Does Nichelle Nichols really have an 80 percent negative rating, as Frontier mentioned? I had her sign BEYOND UHURA and had an all-around good experience. Was I in the lucky 20 percent? I don't disbelieve it, but I hope this isn't the case as she and James Doohan were my absolute TOS faves (and still the only two I've encountered in person until the Shat makes his cameo appearance for the 2013 Shore Leave in August).
I doubt it. As big a board as this is, it's a tiny fraction of the Trek fans who are out there. Nichelle and the others have been doing conventions for decades. Realistically, every single person who has ever registered for this board, all put together, would still not equal the number of fans who go to an average Trek convention.

Sure, it is completely possible that of the people who are on this board, who have bee in this forum, have read this thread, AND have posted in this thread, 80% have had less than stellar experiences with her. But is it even remotely realistic to think that these numbers mean anything?

It's like the customer service saying: if you have a bad experience with a store, you'll tell ten people. If you have a great experience with a store, you'll tell one person. If you have an experience anywhere in the middle, you won't tell anybody.

Just keeping things in perspective.
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