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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

“Jump complete,” Natalie reported. “Scorpia and Pegasus are engaging the Resurrection Ship—it has taken heavy damage. Fourteen hostile Basestars are present and are engaging the Colonials.”

“Target Zoe’s command ship,” ordered One. “Lock all missile batteries and fi- . . ,”

“Belay that order!” snapped Mathias. “Identify highlighted vessels,” he commanded the Hybrid as he illuminated a group of smaller ships on his display.

One blinked. “Those? Those are unarmed fleet auxiliaries—the Basestars are engaging us! They are the threat!”

“Highlighted vessels are tylium fuel tankers—the large vessel in the center of their formation is a refinery ship,” Hecate answered . . . and Mathias grinned.

“Target all missile batteries on the tankers and refinery ships—maximum fire rate.”

“Targeted. Locked. Missiles away,” the Hybrid purred. “Was it good for you?”

“Oh, yes,” whispered Mathias.

“The Basestars are shooting at us!” growled One as the Basestar shook under the impacts of guns.

“Can’t be helped, John,” said Mathias. “We kill that Resurrection Ship and they are vulnerable to true death—we kill those tankers as well . . .,” and his voice trailed off.

But Boomer nodded, and her remaining eye was locked onto the display. “And we cripple their ability to perform deep strikes.”

“The Basestars carry more than enough tylium reserves!” One protested.

“For themselves—not their Raiders,” added Natalie as she began to smile. “That has to be nearly all of Zoe’s fleet train—if we take those ships out, . . .,”

“She has no choice but to withdraw,” finished Mathias.

“Incoming Raiders,” barked Boomer. “Shall I divert missile launchers to point-defense?”

“Negative!” snapped Mathias. “Vector our own Raiders to deal with them—kill those tankers.”

On the display the first missile strike went home and the scale of the explosions showed that their tanks were full of processed, refined, and (most importantly) volatile tylium.

“Heavy Raiders are away—we have no escorts remaining,” said Caprica.

“Maybe some will get through to Zoe’s ship,” muttered Mathias. “Their orders remain the same—board that vessel and terminate Zoe with extreme prejudice.”

The Basestar rocked under kinetic energy impacts and missile strikes again.

************************************************** **

Saul Tigh hunched over the central console in the CIC of Pegasus and he smiled as he saw a dozen of the smaller enemy replenishment vessels suddenly detonate wildly as Hecate’s missile strike went home.

“Oh, Mathias Lorne, you are indeed a right bastard,” Saul whispered with a toothy grin. The Battlestar shuddered as more impacts slammed home against her starboard flight pod—but the armor held.

“All fighters away,” reported Colonel Samantha Caldwell. “Terrans are vectored for anti-shipping strikes while our Vipers are providing anti-Raider coverage.”

“Time to show these fracking toasters just how innovative and ruthless humans get when pushed to the wall, Colonel,” Saul said. “Arm Hades launchers One through Eighteen.” He highlighted the three closest enemy Basestars. “Target these ships.”

“Hades One through Eighteen are armed and . . .,” she looked down and then up, “silos are open. Missiles locked on target.”

“FIRE!” Saul snarled.

Sam turned the key and from the dorsal surface of Pegasus eighteen space to surface missiles erupted out of their silos in sequence. However, instead of bearing towards a planetary target, they settled down on course towards three of the Guardian’s Basestars.

************************************************** **

The Guardian Commander aboard one of the targeted Basestars paused and he evaluated the missile launch. Certainly, the Hades were big missiles with extremely powerful warheads—but they had no ability to track and engage capital ships capable of maneuvering. It had to be a ruse, he concluded. “Point-defense ignore the Hades—concentrate all fire on potentially hostile incoming,” he ordered.

And given what he knew, that was a perfectly logical and reasonable order. It was the wrong order.

The eighteen Hades missiles—and six more launched by Scorpia—streaked towards their targets, and then the shrouds of the nose cones separated. But, instead of deploying eight nuclear-armed MIRV warheads, each of the Hades instead fired off in sequence eight of the Long Lance missiles of the Thirteenth Tribe! Each equipped with a somewhat smaller nuclear warhead than the Hades normally carried.

One hundred and ninety-two missiles ignited in staggered sequence and forty-eight of their bore down on each of their four targets.

The Commander—and his three fellow Commanders—realized their mistake almost instantly, but not even Cylons could react as quickly as the situation demanded. Point-defense had just begun to engage when the missile swarm began to detonate.

And when the fireballs died away, four Basestars were gone . . . only expanding clouds of dust and debris remaining in their wake.
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