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Re: 20 YEARS AGO TODAY: "But I'm Not Even Supposed to BE Here Today!"

Ugh. This is terrible news.

All overrated Kevin Smith has really done, apart from terrible movies, is encourage people to be slackers who think they're much more smart than they actually are. A little witty banter and these people think they're awesome. I suppose you can give credit to overrated Kevin Smith for actually encouraging a portion of a generation to become something, but really let's be honest - aspiring to be a failure isn't all that great. So thanks for that, overrated Kevin Smith.

Overrated Kevin Smith, when not purchasing two plane tickets for one person, is now appearing on this comic book show on AMC about grown men with serious issues that are afraid to step out in to the real world but when residing within their own little world, they think they're the cat's ass. It's perfect really.

I'm just thankful overrated Kevin Smith wasn't tapped to do something like a Star Wars or any sort of comic book movie. Overrated Kevin Smith's talents lie in the lowest common denominator range.

I will not be watching overrated Kevin Smith's money grubbing, desperate and sad 3rd attempt of Clerks.
All I know is thank fucking God for Karl Marx.

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