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Re: Wonderful Enterprise 1702 (Fan made) flying at future earth

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I did not find the joke ammusing, since I already had to deal with jokes like that each time I mention anything remorely related to UFO's, hence why I stay in the art forums, mainly, now. Not in the moods for drama, you know.
I think that is a major problem with the subject: not enough people take UFOs or ETs seriously. Instead of approaching the subject seriously and with some form of alacrity, as a society, we mostly ignore it, and if it were to turn out that some of the claims made by conspiracy theorists were true, by ignoring, ridiculing, and even worse, discouraging the subject, we might be doing so to our own eventual detriment.

And I find it disturbing that I haven't found many other members here who appear to take seriously the possibility that not only have UFOs and aliens have been here for quite some time, but also that at least some unpleasant claims might have a truth behind them. I would expect much more open minds on the subject.
I really never saw WHY anyone, apart from those in power (the world will change completely when the truth of alien life comes out, which will happen soon, I feel, and there's no turning back, and those in control of everything will have a lot to lose) would be so hostile, or at least uncomfortable about a theory that not everything in the world was achieved by strictly human effort....apart from some sort of arrogance or vanity.
I feel that is completely their own damned fault that once everything is revealed, those in power will only end up as the powers that were. And the real shame of it is that if they had chosen not to be so selfish, they could have ushered in a new age for humanity, and forever have been immortalized in history.
Now, they are probably going to be remembered by our descendents with loathing. If I were in their position, I would probably just end this ridiculous game started decades ago, and work with the rest of humanity to so that the knowledge of alien life can be used to benefit all to it’s fullest extent, and pray that this will lessen the consequences for hiding their not-so-little-secret.

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But, yea, you've really impressed me with what you just typed there.....not many folks have the guts to say that, well, not here in America, anyhow. It's far more accepted in other countries like Mexico, Japan, India, Russia, and so on.
Thanks, but I just simply see this as logical. I believe that I had every right to type what I did before, protected by the United States Bill of Rights, without fear of reprisal, because there was nothing wrong with what I typed. And yes, I realize how nice it must be to have someone on this forum who has an especially alike mind.
To be honest, some of the rumors I’ve read about our visitors has made me scared and suspicious of them, and all of the ‘doom and gloom’ indicated by these rumors has made me avoid conspiracy theory forums thus far, because it is a little much, like an overload of information, which usually has a negative connotation.
But I also think by putting my head in the sand, proverbially speaking, would be suicide if the theories were true. Rather ignoring the subject, it seems rational steadily learn more about it, after all, knowledge is power…

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don't worry, JES, if some of the guys here give you a hard time for wanting to discuss such a thing and if you believe in me, being ridiculed on the topic of the existence on alien life or the ancient aliens theory by some Star Trek nerds will not wound me much, really, it will just add to the list of things why people often laugh at them.
I’m not going to allow ridicule get to me. I almost feel sorry for them-they apparently haven’t learned that part of Star Trek’s ‘thing’ is about being open minded. I always see Starfleet as approaching problems with an open mind, and the Federation working together to find the best solution, and I think that is something all of us need to emulate in real life.

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Besides, one person I know said, "I'm a Trek fan, I've loved Trek since I first seen it back in the 60's, and when I see these fans who say there's no alien life or the idea of it is silly, they miss out on one of the biggest aspects of Trek" and it's not mere social issues and so on, but exploring the unknown and seeing who and what is out there. Probably a reason I myself will always go for pre-2009 Trek than the current JJ Stuff.
Yeah, I really empathize with you there… I love ST The Motion Picture not just because of Jerry Goldsmith’s heavenly soundtrack, but also because it has an air of mystery to it. The crew of the Enterprise solved the V’Ger incident not with violence, but by understanding V’Ger’s past.
And as much as I like action and battles as much as the next guy, I think that what JJ Abrams has really been missing in his films is that sense of mystery, curiosity, and discovery that Star Trek was really intended to be about. I’m hoping that JJ Abrams will go more in this direction for the 3rd film, which I’m pretty convinced that Into Darkness will not have.
This is also why I liked the TNG episode Contagion, which had this xeno-archeology feel to it. I find the concept of an ancient, super advanced race, a fascinating concept.
Same thing for why I could hardly put down the ST novel Probe. I loved how the race that built the “Whale Probe” was explored.
If JJ Abrams could just combine that exploration/mystery motif with just the right amount of action for the 3rd film, then maybe some of the more hardcore fans will lay off a little on the ridicule.

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I've only just thought of the idea just now, let's see what happens first, and then go from there.
Well, if/when you do get a forum up and running, you know that I’ll accept your invitation.

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"Overall, not a bad design. I don't think that the "spokes" look wide enough; they look a little thin for passageways, and look like they don't have much hull plating between them and the vacuum of space. I kind of like the simplicity of how the nacelles and pylons are mounted on the elliptical hull, though she looks a little small for an Enterprise, especially the later the era that she is supposed to be from."

- Yes, I will improve the bridges between the main hull and the ring in future.
I look forward to the improvements you manage to come up with.
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