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Re: Jedi nerfed in TCW?

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Agreed, but a lot of sci-fi/fantasy suffers from this. How many times for example did we see in Star Trek the magical engineering solution of the week to solve a plot problem only to be forgotten about as a possible solution to a like problem 3 episodes later?
It isn't just sci-fi/fantasy, all genres suffer from this to some extent. TV/movies is the worst medium for it because everything is sacrificed to the all consuming "pacing" god. Without exposition, without an understanding of the intricacies of a conflict, whether it is a universe wide war, or a single hand-to-hand melee it is all just flashy eye-candy.

My Dad for example has no appreciation of MMA, it is just two guys rolling around on the ground hugging each other to him. Where as someone like myself, who has some experience with mixed martial arts, gets a lot more out of it because I can recognize and understand what is going on.

But alas, asking for more exposition in any entertainment medium seems like a losing fight in an age of shortening attention spans.
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