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Re: What sunk the TNG movie franchise: Insurrection or Nemesis?

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Generations remains the only film of the original 10 I can't warm to. I really like the intro sequence with the Enterprise-B and a few of Picard's scenes in the early stages of the movie but as soon as Picard is beamed down to the planet I zone out and the movie just gets duller and more absurd. It features the least dramatic final act I've ever seen. And we have to sit through it twice .
Oh I agree. There's something terribly schizophrenic about the whole movie IMO. The mismatched uniforms are almost a visual symptom of the entire production. It's like they're jumping this way or that, but can't make up their minds where to go with it beyond saying "Let's get Captains Kirk and Picard together! Fuck yeah!". But they even make a hash of that.

On some level I love that the TNG segments actually feel properly like TNG. I love the cinematography too, John Alonzo done a terrific job. Everything else I'm hot and cold on.
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