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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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I have a reaction because its bad television, and its getting rammed down my throat. I get it, humans in the future are stupid/evil/don't care and will believe everything they are told.
You are missing the point. It's not the humans in the FUTURE are stupid/evil/don't care, it's that humans in the PRESENT are stupid/evil/don't care and maybe should pay attention to how they are being manipulated NOW.

Science Fiction isn't always about the people of the future, it's a way of talking about the present.

Thats my biggest objection. I'm watching a show about a space station in the future, I don't need to watch commentary about the present, especially if its done badly. The media is not a topic that you talk about like this anyway. You can do religion, racism, and a lot of other bad/controversial social stuff and make a good sci fi show, too. Star Trek did it. Babylon 5, however, is taking a stupid topic and doing it badly. Like i said, if they downplayed the propaganda and actually had it be stuff people could believe, it wouldn't make me as angry (and, no, the stuff ISN is saying is not like what is done nowadays, its much stupider and would be unbeliveable even to people who support Clark completely). Anyway, we're just talking in circles. I hate the propaganda stuff, and telling me its social commentary isn't something I didn't know (it was pretty obvious since the beginning), its just something that has been done very badly in the show. Still, its just one bad sub plot that doesn't ruin the show. The rest of the show makes up for it. I just wish it would be dropped. Even if you like it, at this point they're just beating a dead horse. We should just move from arguing about the propaganda stuff.

Anyway, on to the episodes I watched.

Racing Mars - The brainwashed Garibaldi can be a bit annoying. The Marcus/Franklin team is very entertaining, they do well together, and have some pretty funny moments. The married thing was great. It was cool to see more of mars. The Ivanova black market stuff was good. I'm guessing that they need earth stuff so badly because they can't get it from aliens, although you'd think that they'd be able to get some stuff from places other than earth. The parasite on Mars was interesting. The Minbari ritual was funny. "Woo Hoo" This was a very good episode.

Lines of Communication - The resistance isn't very unified. you'd think they'd realise the problems with bombing civilians themselves and not need Franklin to tell them it makes no sense. I'm glad Sheridan is going to do something to counter ISN's propaganda. The Minbari seem to have a lot of problems. I can't believe that the warrior clan went from being idiots to murderers. The whole "Minbari don't kill minbari" thing sure has a big loophole, doesn't it. I figured that the Drakh were allies of the shadows. The White Star/Drakh fight was good. Another good episode.
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