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Re: Greg's Trek Ships and Things

I think you should know that the second video doesn't work. Something about it being private.

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I have no explanation. It's probably best not to ask anyways.
The shit you make when....
FED D7 design and model by me (Greg Stitz).
Also if you know the original artist of the background starfield let me know.
All trademarked names belong to their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended or implied.
The Klingon design flair looks nice with a straight up saucer.
On a personal note: I would think that a Klingon Federation would be more like the UFP than the Klingon Empire, and thus would be more likely to get into brawling matches with their Imperial counterparts (or maybe the Romulans), as opposed to getting into firefights with the UFP.

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Hit a minor setback with a corrupted file, but it's a good thing I like to save multiple files at various stages. Only had to redo a little bit of the work.
Sorry to hear that you had a file problem, but I happy to hear that you managed to compensate for it.

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Working on the TOS-Era refit of the Columbus.
-Deflector 25% smaller
-Swept back pylons
-Impulse engine where it is located on the Constituion
-Laser banks upgraded to the more powerful Phaser banks
-Fission (fusion?) torpedoes upgraded to Photon torpedoes
-Other minor differences
Undecided if this ship would see a TMP refit. Also did a size check and the Constitution is 2.5x bigger than the Columbus.
Last I've heard, Starfleet used fusion warheads prior to using Photons (unless we are to refer and defer to Enterprise, in which case Photonic warheads might have been a part of the mix.
I'm pretty sure they had a preference against fission warheads, because if I remember correctly, fission reactions usually leaves behind more, hard radiation.

At this point, I assume that the Columbus does eventually see an additional refit. Albeit I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to defer to your Columbus, or Forbin's Columbus, due to them being too close to the same time for both of them to have existed in the same time-line, even if the one with the lower registry (yours in this case), was lost.
But as much as I like Forbin's kitbashes, I have an uncanny favoritism towards completely original designs, made possible of course by 3D models.

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I started this originally as a design for a clunky battleship....that obviously didn't happen.

She has some really nice curves...

And this video helps to illustrate them even more.

I'll say this much about Ryan Church's Enterprise design: she does have her fair share of design elements that are fun to use.

And I've decided that I personally would have to pick The Lost Era as my favorite time period for seeing new designs, due to there being many currently unused registries in the era, ranging from the 10000-range, to especially the 20000-range to the 50000-range. The registry gaps really stop at the 60000-range.
Even so, the post-nemesis time period is my personal favorite for creating new designs myself.

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