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Re: College: Gender Studies

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I've been offered a placement in college to complete a Gender Studies unit, due partly to applying myself in lectures that I was just dropping in on without being enrolled. The lecturer appears to be young and idealistic, as my social worker exclaimed that, when he approached her by email, she welcomed me in on the spot, which is apparently unusual for a person in that position to do.

Anyway, what are your opinions of the usefulness of a degree in Gender Studies, career-wise? I've been told many things, namely that it's useless, I'm gay, (two guys and thirty girls in the lectures) a misandrist, etc etc, but I've never before been in a room with so many like-minded people in my life, it's liberating.
OH, look! It's the original post! If you really want to study this area because you find it fascinating and enjoyable, then do so. No knowledge is useless. But, if you want build a career around this field, I fear you will have a very, very hard time making a living if you don't tie it into something else, like teaching, social work, psychology, political science, etc. I hope that answers your question.
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