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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x08 "A Matter Of Honor"

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Riker admired his father even respected him(Time Squared, Icarus) he just didn't get along with him. Wholly different than waiting for your father to die as you ignore him. I'd expect RIker would have taken a leave if he heard his father was dying. There are lots of people who tolerate their family even if they don't get along.
Going from "I have my father to thank for that" to flat out telling his father "You should have been the one to die" is not quite that realistic a jump. Both "A Matter Of Honor" and "Times Square" would seem to paint Riker as a man who got along with his father just fine, which is not the case at all. That's what I don't really like. It's like if Picard said his family was so proud of him when he enlisted in Starfleet, yet all of a sudden change into a family that resented him joining Starfleet. Thankfully that's not how it went and we were able to get a hint of Picard's family before they fully fledged out. Riker doesn't have that appropriate set up.
Well a moment of childhood originated rage in a heated situation might take over decorum, but for day to day there was no reason for Riker to have mentioned he didn't get along with his father. There was a small hint of resentment in Time Squared.

Out of the whole family I think it was only Picard's father who resented Jean Luc going into Starfleet.
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