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Re: TOS: Devil's Bargain by Tony Daniel Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I like Devil's Bargain. I'm only halfway through this book.It's nice to see a five year mission story where all the Enterprise crewmembers are involved in the story trying to solve the Vesibean crisis concerning the asteroid coming towards their planet.I like the fact the Horta are also in this novel.Nice to see continuation of stortylines mentioning Janus 6 and the humans and horta getting along & working together in the mines. Merling is really delusional like Khan and wants to be in power and get his way no matter what it costs. Just to get what he wants including sabotaging the Enterprise and trying to get rid of the Horta.Enterpriserules I look forward to listening to your pod cast with Tony Daniel discussing writing Devil's bargain.
Thank you, I was just finishing up the review and preparing for the show. I think it will be fun to talk to a new writer!
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