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Re: New to DS9...

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I've seen TNG (My personal favourite series), TOS and Enterprise (My 2nd favourite. I just love it so much). I'm in need of more Trek and Voyager just won't do.

The major gripe I have with DS9 is Sisko. Brooks' portayal just seems so over-the-top for me. He puts me off and as the main guy, pushes me away from the series. I don't think I can bear 7 seasons with this guy. I've seen about 4 episodes...I couldn't even finish the pilot.

The reason for my thread is this, I NEED new Trek. Therefore, can you niners direct me to the best season with which to start the series? 2?3?
My ex-girl friend felt the same way you did and she stuck with watching the show and now not only likes it, but calls it the best show of Trek. I hope you will stick with it because the saga of DS9 as whole is such an amazing journey. If you'd like some inspiration, I do a DS9 podcast called The Orb and maybe it will help encourage you to continue watching the show. Honestly too, I know you don't love Sisko but there are a so many character in DS9 (including him) that have incredible arcs that will leave thankful you stuck with the show!
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