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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

Potential Pro Bowl Changes

It's been reported that the NFL is considering changes to the Pro Bowl (about damn time). One of the ideas is abandoning the traditional AFC/NFC matchup, and instead allowing "team captains" to select their teams (presumably from the pre-determined roster of Pro Bowlers, and not from the entire NFL). I like the idea, and the NFL should too. It allows them to monetize the game, because they can broadcast the draft and get good press all week as the teams pick their team names/mascots/etc, plus it has the possibility for fan involvement.

I've always wanted to see the skills competition return. That to me is what the Pro Bowl is all about, more than the game. It sucks that it's gone. Gives people a reason to pay attention to the Pro Bowl all week rather than just on the day of the game.

I'd like to see flag football, too. Basketball. Softball/baseball. Let's see these guys be the athletes they are. Plus, if you take off the pads you can actually see the player's faces. Many of the non-QB players are unrecognizable to most fans.

Another good idea would be to scrap the Pro Bowl in favor of a 3rd place game between the losers of the Conference Championship Games. This would be a REAL game with hitting and blitzing.
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