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Re: Jedi nerfed in TCW?

Jedi having whatever powers(and forgetting powers) the plot demands is a problem with the entire franchise, but especially with TCW, mostly because we see more Jedi combat, a lot more. One week Jedi will be slicing and dicing through an endless stream of enemies, the next week they seem weak as a kitten.

Another problem I have with TCW, is that the Seperatists don't seem to care about creating anti-Jedi weapons. They have the shielded battle droids, and the sonic weapons. But the former is only used to up tension, then easily defeated. And the latter is almost never used because Jedi can't block it, which makes it less cool.

I would have loved if more specific stuff was being fielded by the Seperatists to counter Jedi. Zahn's Ysalamiri creatures would have been amazing to see onscreen, and possibly help to rein in Jedi-power creep, with an easily understood visual element.
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