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Re: Caroline Skinner Has Quit!

I think it's amusing that people who used to complain about Davies having no one who could tell him no now think that Moffat, producer of an equally-successful Doctor Who and a second BBC One hit to boot, has all kinds of people to tell him no.

Long-time fans may think of Doctor Who's showrunner as easily replaceable, but the BBC has no reason to share that confidence. That Moffat maintained Davies' success is a reason to hang on to him, not to toss the job at someone else in the hope of a third triumph. And, of course, it's not just about Doctor Who, or Sherlock, but about any future Moffat properties, which they'll want for the BBC, not a competing network. As long as Moffat delivers a reasonable (by BBC standards) number of high-rated episodes of his shows each year, that's plenty of reason to put up with any quirks.
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