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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I'll prepare for the disappointment.

One area they don't skimp on is hype. Following through on the hype, and the expectations it creates? Not as much. And you can be sure that whatever they DO release, they'll have thought out poorly, and they won't be back to tweak it, unless it's working ok, in which case, expect the nerf

What are we expecting for the announcement? We know "not-Season 8" is coming, which in theory will have new zone, new missions, etc. Maybe a Romulan faction, but since they can't even figure out TWO factions, not sure 3 will be an improvement. Maybe actually focusing on content, or endgame, or finishing Klingon faction? Safe bet is probably a shiny new $25 ship we can buy (or 3 variants for $50)...
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