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Re: Caroline Skinner Has Quit!

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The Gallifrey Base mods are having fun with this Private Eye article, closing threads and deleting posts if there's any discussion of the final paragraph.
And you can bet that SFX or any of the other Genre News outlets will never bring it up for fear of being cut off from the PR Gravy Train.
Dude this isn't Watergate, and SFX are not, I repeat not, The Washington Post. Investigative journalism is not what they do, and of course they want to stay on good terms with the BBC etc, so they can continue to get access to information, interviews, behind the scenes news etc because that's what they do, publish these things for the majority of fans who just want to read about their show rather than delight in sordid gossip.

If you want someone to dig deeper perhaps you should call the Daily Mail?

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Maybe there's some weight to it. He needs an executive producer companion to calm him down.
The problem is by being in charge of two of their most successful shows he's got the BBC over a barell.
Rubbish, he's a hired hand when it comes to Who and I'm certain the BBC would replace him in a nanosecond if they wanted to. Sherlock's another matter, but again even if he did choose to take his bat and ball and go home, I'm sure the BBC would live with it. They're not exactly relying on three episodes a year to keep em running are they?
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