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Re: College: Gender Studies

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And junxon, this pretty much sums you up:

"Activism on behalf of the human rights of men and boys is difficult for several different reasons. One of the most obvious is a public narrative which takes the following form.
  • We live in a patriarchy;
  • Therefore women, and not men are oppressed;
  • Men are elevated and advantaged;
  • Therefore anyone advocating male human rights is really driven by misogyny;
  • And so, men’s rights organizations are hate organizations".
This narrative is incorrect; that is the point.
Are you having a debate with some imaginary person in the thread? No one said men can't be oppressed, that anyone advocating for male rights is by default a misogynist, or that all men's rights organizations are by definition hate groups. Certainly some are, just as White Pride groups and other groups that seek to portray the dominant group as victims often have a certain bent, but it's not guaranteed by any means.

Stick with what's on the page before you start posting wild ass straw man arguments based on jack and shit.
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