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Re: Trek Trailer with OZ

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Dismissing criticism as a collective "internet voice" became irrelevant...

Calling the kind of reflexive kvetching that's endemic in fan communities on the web "criticism" is dignifying it unnecessarily. It's mostly a kind of group/herd behavior akin to people daily grumbling in the workplace.

As for the "it gives me headaches" thing - fine, movies don't work as well for the hearing and/or visually impaired either but that has never constituted sufficient reason for the commercial film industry to avoid improving the sound and picture of their offerings.

The simple truth is that once the current version of this technology was offered it created an audience more than extensive enough to justify the studios continuing to focus on it.

3D's not going away because people don't want it to - they'll pay a premium to see it. That's the fact you can't refute. End of story.
Yea, it's understandable it gives some folks headaches ortheir eyes can't properly focus the effects or what have you, and for those folks, there is 2D versions to watch. I just don't understand why people complain about 3D's existence. If it doesn't work for them or they can't enjoy it, why is it a problem or them that other people have the option?

Why not limit the complaints to their actual issue, rather then the existence in general of the option?
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