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Jedi nerfed in TCW?

Some scenes it seems that way to me. It actually seems a bit schizophrenic... Sometimes a Jedi takes out loads of enemies, other times they get rendered helpless essentially by being tied up. Which seems daft, since they can still use the force.

I mean when you look at Jedi in the movies... you get the impression that Jedi should go through "normal" foes like a freaking force of nature. But quite often that doesn't seem the case in TCW.

Sometimes they just seem to not use their power when it would be an obvious time to do so. It's like they forget they have the force. I've been noticing this pattern for a while, but one recent episode I watched was particularly silly I thought... (I am in the middle of Season 4, catching up, I never watched TCW before so I've been working through it after downloading all the previous eps.) It was an episode where they go after these slavers who have captured a bunch of colonists and sold them into slavery.

Anyway there is a set up similar to the one on Jabba's sail barge at the Sarlaac. There are three Jedi of various calibers and an ARC Trooper commander, and none of the bad guys know who they are. One of the Jedi is as close to the evil queen as Leia was to Jabba... but with the advantage of being a Jedi. R2D2 fires out lightsabers to them and they go on the attack. They should rack up a mega body count and scythe their way out of there and rescue the colonists. Instead they get captured in short order and made slaves themselves. Compare to ROTJ where only Luke was a Jedi, and Jabba had Boba Fett among others on his side (and Han was blind!) but Luke still went thru them like a knife.

Then Anakin force chokes the queen but sorta gives up... He could have killed her easily but he just quits.

And Ahsoka is locked in a cage hanging over a cliff, and a slaver comes to leer at her and she sort of force-shoves him and he almost falls off the edge, after which the enraged slaver activiates her torture collar... Like Anakin and the queen, she could have easily killed the slaver, hurled him to his death, but she just didn't. And the result of letting him live was... extremely painful.

Meanwhile, Obi-Wan is sent to this slave-run metal foundry and forced to shovel coal into furnaces. That's it. And these slavers come along and beat slaves in front of him and torture him and the other slaves with impunity. He could kill them easily! He's a jedi master! He faced down Dooku on Geonosis, he defeated Darth Maul on Naboo... he could choke them, take their weapons off them, hurl any of the many many dangerous objects at them, pick them up and chuck them into the blast furnace etc. but he just doesn't.

It annoys me a bit.

Rant over.
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