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Re: College: Gender Studies

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The exact sort of irrational, hateful ad hominem pointless response to be expected from a feminist.

Let me put it to you: feminism is an intellectually bankrupt, dangerously hateful ideology that is causing widespread damage to Western society through its projection of an irrational ideological platform into all levels of academia, law, and government.
You know, feminists are not some group mind that all think and act in lockstep with each other. There are extremes in any group, and the group as a whole should not be judged by their worst examples. It sounds like you've had some pretty negative encounters or read some literature that have given you such a strong anti-feminist stance, but to dismiss the movement entirely based on that is shortsighted and unfair, IMO.

Can you imagine dismissing the entire Black civil rights movement based on a negative interaction with a few of its more militant supporters? Yet that's exactly what you are doing here regarding feminism and the struggle for equal rights for women, which is sadly not even close to being achieved in the US and the West, and especially not the rest of the world.

I just think you need to take a step back and examine where all of this anger is coming from and whether you're really giving an objective assessment of the feminist movement as a whole.
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