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I've watch DS9 two times with my wife and its our favorite show.
Then we start on Voyager but gave it up after season 3, because we thought it was awful.
In fairness, season 3 of Voyager is particularly bad, and season 4 is a substantial improvement. I'm not really a fan of the show, and I'm disappointed that it wasn't more like DS9, but judging Voyager off of season 3 is like judging TNG off its first season.

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Even if you don't warm up to Sisko, there are still loads of great main and secondary characters to enjoy, with lots of good dynamics and evolution (Dax is a good example of this, going from being a bit rigid to becoming more relaxed as she gets used to being Joined).
I think this is an important point. DS9 is the most decentralised Star Trek, by which I mean that the captain figure and the senior staff don't dominate the show in the same way they do in the other series. While Sisko is the main character and the only person to appear in every episode of DS9, he doesn't define the show in the same way that Kirk, Picard, Janeway, and Archer did their shows. A typical episode of TNG or Enterprise would include the Enterprise embarking on some mission or other, so Picard or Archer would naturally play a major role in the plot or sub-plot. But on DS9, because the station wasn't always whizzing off to new adventures, there often wasn't a large role for Sisko in each episode, and the show developed a large extended cast of around 30 characters. So even if you don't like Sisko, you can still watch the show for Kira, Odo, Garak, Dukat, or whoever.
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