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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x08 "A Matter Of Honor"

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They must have really let the flood gates open with the Benzites after Mordock got accepted, because Mendon appears to have not only been accepted into the academy, but also made the real rank of ensign before Crusher was even given the proper uniform. It's like the writer watched the episode with Mendon, but missed that one key detail about Mendon being the first benzoate accepted into the academy.

And as for you Riker...

KLAG: He will eventually fade of a natural illness and die, weakened and useless. Honourless. I will not see him.
RIKER: He's your father.
KLAG: A Klingon is his work, not his family. That is the way of things.
RIKER: He's your father.
KLAG: Klingons do not express feeling the way you do.
RIKER: Perhaps you should.
KLAG: We would not know how.
RIKER: Yesterday, I did not know how to eat gagh.
I'll see you in "The Icarus Factor" you gawddang hypocrite.

Riker admired his father even respected him(Time Squared, Icarus) he just didn't get along with him. Wholly different than waiting for your father to die as you ignore him. I'd expect RIker would have taken a leave if he heard his father was dying. There are lots of people who tolerate their family even if they don't get along.

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