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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x08 "A Matter Of Honor"

I recently re-watched this episode on the bluray and I think I like it better than ever. This is Riker at his best...STNG is inclusive, Picard is accepting, but while Picard often talks about acceptance, Riker lives it...throws himself into it with a passion even if it's unconventional. That's Riker to me.

I love that I can finally see the red lighting in the Klingon ship without it bleeding into the low res picture. I noticed the lighting on the Klingon uniforms. The BoP jumps out at you.

Then of course the Klingons, despite the misunderstanding this episode gave more development to them than any episode in either series up to this point. Its probably the best Klingon episode to date (sorry Errand of Mercy, STIII, Heart of Glory).

Benzites..wasn't the Wesley line a joke about budget saving? At least that's how I took it. According to Mendon he is from the same geo-structure, which I assume means they do in fact look alike.

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