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Re: College: Gender Studies

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derangednasat, so you found some interweb blogs. good for you.

that's like trying to put off an astrophysics student with a blog about moonlanding conspiracies
I’ve been somewhat concerned of late (more so than usual) with the casual acceptance among members of this board of dangerous ideologies and distorted reasoning. In the past, I have often failed to take the step of providing links for my condemnations of feminist ideology and our society’s approach to the matter of gender. However, it’s become apparent that this cowardice on my part has not served anyone’s interests at all well, and frankly I’m no longer able to live with the guilt. How can a person have any self-respect when they insist on keeping silent when confronted with widespread mistruth and distortion of truth, afraid to confront that misinformation because they don’t want to “upset” anyone? And how can he possibly respect others when he fails to offer alternate perspectives, so denying those people agency and choice? Or suggesting that they’re too sensitive or close-minded to accept people holding alternate viewpoints without dismissing them - and him - out of hand? To be blunt, my cowardice in the past has been disrespectful to all of you as well as to myself, and recently I’ve come to the point where I can no longer face myself unless I do something. So, here it is. I posted those introductory links and I'm stating outright that this is representative of my take on the issue. Read them, don’t read them, agree, disagree, it doesn’t matter; what matters is that I finally took responsibility and posted them.

I imagine little actual reading, thinking or research will result from this, but then that's your responsibility. I've acknowledged mine.
I think a better approach might be to present your own misgivings on feminist ideology and gender studies courses in a way that makes it more open to debate and discussion than a bombardment of links mostly from a single diatribe ridden blog does.

I'm open to reading an article or two, but after perusing several of the links I saw the writing on the wall with the author and wasn't really interested in digesting the entire blog. How about a summary of your feelings on the matter?
- There are stories about what happened.
- It's true. All of it. TNZ, Hulk, ModMan. They're real.
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