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Re: Best Audio Book?

Finished Evelyn's second story, The Spectre of Lanyon Moor. Really enjoyed this one, and it had the bonus of The Brigadier guest Starring, which was really cool. Though, a little continuity snafu, as I watched Battlefield last night and Seven didn't know who Doris was, even though the Brig told Six in this story that she is his wife.

Popped in Evelyn's third story, The Apocalypse Element, on my drive this morning, looking forward to his one, as it appears to be set on Gallifrey and I always enjoy the Political machinations of the Timelords and Romana is a great plus

Destiny of the Doctor? Is that an Anniversary Series?

Oh, and Lungbarrow is impossible to get ahold of, are there any Audios that advance Cartmel's Master Plan, by any chance? It's really a bummer Doctor Who was cancelled in Season 26 when that Arc had just started to bubble and never got the chance to come to fruition, I would've liked to see it all play out.
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