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The reason for my thread is this, I NEED new Trek. Therefore, can you niners direct me to the best season with which to start the series? 2?3?
Season 1 is the best season with which to start the series. It's easily the worst season of the show, but as DalekJim said, DS9 is a semi-serialised show and a lot of the stories and character arcs are established in the first season. Jumping ahead to season 2 or 3 will cause you to miss a lot of the groundwork that made DS9 what it is, even though a lot of season 1 is rubbish.

As for Avery Brooks, he's an acquired taste. Thankfully, I acquired that taste early in my life so I don't have much of a problem with his acting, but I understand why some people don't like it. I don't think his acting style ever changes, but what does happen is that the writers start to change the character to better suit Brooks' style, and he transitions from being a bit of a passive character into more of a badass. Past Tense in season 3 is commonly viewed as the point where the new Sisko establishes himself.

If you do decide to continue with the show, you should definitely try and finish Emissary as that episode is the beginning of the Prophets/Emissary arc that becomes a major aspect of the show in the later seasons, so it's a bad idea to skip it.
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