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Kestrel wrote: View Post
^ Ha, awesome. I assume something is said about it?
Yeah, there's a little scene in the car where she totally shorts out for a second. Tricia Helfer line delivery is just hilarious! Which says a lot since the funny line only consists of two words.

So... has anybody played through the Armax Arsenal Arena much? Anybody had any luck with the "Mirror Match" mode? Maybe I'm just not very good, but... damn...
Yeah, it was tough but doable. Honestly I found the super elite Collector match to be by far the most challenging. Must had died half a dozen times trying to win that match.

Steven wrote: View Post
/\ I've played through several of the "missions", but haven't unlocked the Mirror Match mode yet. I did unlock all the characters. Except Jacob.
Much as it pains me to say it, you probably should unlock Jacob too as buying all the unlocks opens a little quest chain. Nothing major, just some extra match rewards with a little story to go with it, but still worth it.
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