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Re: The formation of Porridgefleet Command

Well I don't mind good action. I don't mind it if an episode is all action. I don't even mind if an action show is the kind of show that sets the template for future episodes.

I do mind the last point slightly. Listening to the soundtrack (music) for this episode wa really trying to hit the viewer over the head with the idea that "isn't Voyager exciting now at last?"
Where as the when the music cue for the Borg occured in Best of Both Worlds, it wa so different than anything that had been done, but it just seemed more intriguing. It wasn't bludgeoning us with a hammer.

Scorpion was mainly about spectacle, but it also clearly wanted to set the tone for the coming seasons. Since the show failed to create iconic villains on its own, it had to use iconic villains from another show.
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