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I really like Sisko. He stats the season a broken man and we see him heal over the course of the show due to his adventures and relationships with the characters. Avery Brooks' performance is kinda inconsistent early on but from S4 onwards he's outstanding in the role.

DS9 is my favourite Trek series but I'd admit Season 1 isn't too hot. It's a LOT better than TNG S1 and S2 but it pales in comparison to DS9's peak of Seasons 3-6. I love the pilot but there are way too many TNG-lite episodes in there. Only S1 episodes I ever revisit are Emissary, Captive Pursuit, Duel and the finale. Rest are pretty skippable.

Season 2 is a big improvement but there are still a lot of TNG-lite eps. It isn't until Season 3 that DS9 fully establishes its own tone and ambition.

I wouldn't skip any season personally. Getting to know all the characters in these adventure-of-the-week episodes is crucial for caring about them during the show's major story arcs. Also, DS9 is one long coherent serial so skipping a season will mean you lose vital plotpoints to future episodes. If you are really fed up though, then I recommend this viewing for the "essentials":

S1 -

Past Prologue
Captive Pursuit
Battle Lines
In The Hands of the Prophets

S2 -

The Homecoming
The Circle
The Siege
Necessary Evil
Blood Oath
The Maquis Part 1
The Maquis Part 2
The Wire
The Jem'Hadar

From S3 onwards, DS9 is consistent enough to just watch through. But I still wouldn't recommend skipping anything, really. The first 2 seasons of Enterprise are more mediocre than early DS9.
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