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Re: The AGT Dreadnought Enterprise

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Starfleet's answer to the Dominion super-battleship and Borg cubes. Somewhat awkward and yet packs a big punch, making use the Galaxy's ample internal space for additional firepower. Perhaps in this timeline the Ent-D was only badly damaged over Veridian and during the refit process Starfleet decided to see what they could really do with a more combat-focused Galaxy in light of the growing Dominion threat.
I like to think the Ent-D still had the same fate in the so called "anti time future", and was replaced by the 1701-E exactly as we seen it... but in a fit of pique Admiral Riker wanted 1701-D as his flagship, so they made a special dispensation to go back to Veridian III, salvage what was left of the saucer, and retrofit them as a 'new' Galaxy Class just for him. Because, you know, Riker is that awesome.
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