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Re: Were those Talaxians Neelix rescued even in the Delta Quadrant?

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You want the 2002 Star Trek Star Charts, which features Voyager's route (and a version of that map) in extreme detail. It's not canon, and it sold like rotten eggs, but it's very pretty.
It's quite good, though I found like 2 dozen errors in the Voyager section (What can I say; I love maps and journeys). And let's not forget the Gamma Quadrant and the Defiant's 5000(!) light year journey to the Founders Homeworld in "The Search". Everyone's favorite planet Meridian is also 6200 ly from the wormhole. Actually, the Defiant was equipped with a special warp drive, like the Equinox. It created plotholes to fly the ship through. I consider Star Trek Star Charts a good rough draft, but it needed several corrections to be a final draft.
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