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I really enjoyed all of the Ori aspects of The Ark of Truth, I thought it was a solid (if somewhat convenient, though pretty much all of SG-1's nemeses were vanquished thanks to a bunch of conveniences) ending to the storyline. But I completely agree with The Wormhole and bigdaddy about the Replicator subplot. I was never a fan of the Replicators to begin with, but there was absolutely no need to add them into AoT. It's like they came up with the A-plot and then realized they had a bunch of room left over, so they added in this idiotic Replicator B-plot to fill out the running time.
The replicators are my least favorite well.. anything. I watched some Stargate on tv years ago and it was replicator episodes which did not encourage me to go to the huge effort watching sci fi on free to air tv in this country requires. All I remember from that first exposure to Stargate was the sets all looked the same (Goa'uld ship interiors) and the stupid replicators were a really unengaging villain. Then when I ended up jumping into the Stargate universe via Atlantis dvds I was just waiting for the replicators to hurry up and go away. They are like knock off versions of the Borg in Atlantis but with no pathos. It's not good to never care at all about the villain.

However in The Ark of Truth they were the last thing on my mind and I had NO IDEA what the IOA guy had made until it appeared. It was a great shock not only to see it but to see how stupid, desperate, lashing out insane the IOA was to come up with such a thing. When IOA guy was locked in the room doing his dirty work I assumed he wasn't really IOA, he was working for the Lucian Alliance or was a Goa'uld. I enjoy it when the bad guy is one of us with the same ideals just a different path to them so it all worked for me. I didn't mind seeing the replicators take over the ship because it was only one fight, on the planet we Vala and Daniel and Teal'c on their own perilous journey. Also zombie replicator IOA dude was awesomely horrible.
The scene between Teal'c and Tomin is one of my favorite scenes in the entire franchise.

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