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Re: Were those Talaxians Neelix rescued even in the Delta Quadrant?

There's four days between earth and Vulcan in season 4 of Enterprise when their Warp 5 engine actually could make Warp 5, but Qo'noS is also 4 days away from Earth in the pilot before they laid down the limitations of a theoretical Warp 5 engine...

Episode 7 of Enterprise showed a Vulcan spy post which was over 20 light years from earth (established the week before in tera nova) that could spy into the heart of Andorian Space and perhaps into the eaves of Andor itself....

They keep citing Archers odometer reading through out the first two seasons exclaiming how they are out so amazingly far into space, and then bump into this and that which should be in their back yard, like half way through seasons one they meet a Teran freighter that can only fly at warp one. it's obvious that archer was not moving in a straight line away from Earth. He was spiralling out exploring the shit out of everything close enough to pose a threat or find nice buggers they should open trade with.

Politically, and Militarily, what the frakk has Andor done for anyone?
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